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Here is where the Faithful come together to express themselves. It's where  Belivers square off on Politics, Sports, Schools, Marriage, Leaders, Cars,  or whatever is on their mind or in their spirit. So, if you're a Believer of Jesus, Buddha, Muslim, Atheism, Mother Theresa, Judaism or something else,  whatever your beef, point, or counterpoint, you can express yourself line by line or book chapter and verse.   The mike is turned on, the pulpit is open:  STEP UP! 

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What the Holy Hail Mary is going on!


Ok, I’m not like a lot of people in that I am moderately progressive. I think that technology has improved our lives in wonderful ways; however, I also think that it’s a slippery slope towards destruction. Case in point, my Brothers and Sisters: Can you believe that some Catholic yahoo is suggesting that Catholics use robots as priests. SERIOUSLY?! Where do thy find these people? Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio has suggested that robots could be used as priests. Oh, I’m certain that robots could be used as a priest but why would you do it? Why have a representation when you can have the real thing? Would she be satisfied with a robotic Jesus, too? Sister Delio has two PhDs which don’t seem to have aided in her spiritual growth at all. Bottom line, robots are incapable of performing the spiritual roles that a priest fulfills. I would never attend a religious service that’s officiated by a robot. Would you?

Brother Dan.

Should the true Believer be a Democrat or a Republican?


Believers shouldn’t be in politics: Believe that.  Ok, let me rephrase that, a true Believer shouldn’t be aligned to any specific party, but rather, they should side with whatever is in line with what the bible teaches us to do. However, if a Believer feels compelled to align themselves to one or another political party, of the two main parties, a true Believer will undoubtedly choose the Democratic party. Why?  Because, foundationally, like Jesus, Democrats are for the people.  They emphasize social equality. Whereas, on a good day, Republicans are stingy, conservative, money grabbers. They care about the bottom line and not who’s in line.

J.S. Hollowell

Go to Hell!


Go to Hell!

Yeah, that’s exactly where you’re going if you don’t believe like I believe. Scandalous! It’s sad that religions preach love and acceptance, yet, they can’t even find acceptance among themselves. Every religion touts that it is the way, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The faithful stand tall and shout scriptures and spew quotes, while endorsing the doctrines of their favorite religious leader who, many times, is hailed as a god him/herself.   I can’t tell you how many churches, mosques, temples, and halls that I’ve been to in search of God and I’m still looking. Religion is nothing more than a distraction for people who are too naïve or too afraid to face life as it is or for what it is. I’m an atheist and damn proud of it!

The Unbeliever